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IQOS Heets Creation Yugen Limited Edition


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IQOS Heets Creation Yugen Limited Edition

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Experience the unique flavor of IQOS Heets Creation Yugen Limited Edition. These Heets Creations Yugen sticks offer a robust tobacco flavor with subtle notes of florals and fruits. With each puff of this delicate lavender cigarette, you'll savor the sweetness of jasmine and ripe pear. The aftertaste is balanced, while the smoke lightens to an unparalleled smoothness. Yugen's aroma won't linger in the air, making it an ideal selection for smokers who desire to be discreet while enjoying their smoking experience.

Taste of Heets Creation Yugen

Indulge in the truly unique flavor profile of Heets Creations Yugen. It combines the robustness of tobacco with delicate floral and rich notes, complemented by hints of fruit and flowers. The subtle hints of jasmine and ripe pear add a touch of sweetness and elevate the smoking experience. Whether it's a special occasion or everyday enjoyment, Heets Creation Yugen provides a delightful finish that captivates the senses. This limited edition is perfect for those who seek strong, full-flavored cigarettes.

  • product features list Robust tobacco flavor with subtle floral and fruity notes
  • product features list Delicate lavender aroma with a balanced aftertaste
  • product features list Limited edition packaging with a black pack and purple border
  • product features list Compatible with IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS Multi, IQOS Holder & IQOS Lil

Experience the robust tobacco flavor with floral and fruity notes in IQOS Heets Creation Yugen Limited Edition. Indulge in the delicate lavender aroma and the balanced aftertaste that leaves you with an unparalleled smoothness. With its unique flavor profile and limited edition packaging, Heets Creation Yugen offers a captivating smoking experience for those who appreciate strong, full-flavored cigarettes. Embrace the robustness and elegance of Yugen and elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

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